Education Is Driven By False Premises and Practices

Bruce Deitrick Price in a recent article at perceptively noted that “teachers understand a lot less about what’s going on in their own classrooms than you might imagine.” He adds that the Education Establishment has “done a great job of making everything so murky that nobody understands what is going on.” Murky is a synonym for “shadowy” such as the shadows on the wall in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in Book VII of The Republic.  The murkiness is premised on the belief that educational outcomes can be produced, even mass produced, independent of the commitment or natural abilities of the student.  Classroom settings and accepted behaviors, software programs, positive thinking, and making allowance for supposed cultural differences among various groups of learners would allow for more consistent success at a high level for most students.  This of course has proved false. Earlier educators thought, correctly,...(Read Full Article)
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