Climate Changing for the Better

The idea that climate change is a negative thing, an unnatural thing, and an inevitably destructive thing predominates in our society.  In truth, climate change and carbon emissions have overwhelmingly positive effects.  CO2 is incredibly good for plant growth.  Plants see significant improvement in growth with higher CO2 levels.  Greenhouses commonly increase CO2 levels to 1,500 ppm and the temperature to 80 F or higher.  For comparison, atmospheric CO2 levels are a bit above 400 ppm, and the average surface temperature on earth in 59 F.  CO2 also increases photosynthesis.  The production of carbohydrates increases as CO2 increases.  The fact that CO2 increases plant productivity is not only demonstrated in laboratory settings but also in nature. In one study, artificially doubling CO2 from pre-industrial levels increased tree productivity by around 23 percent, wheat improved by 11.5 percent, and corn by 8.4 percent.  NASA satellites...(Read Full Article)
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