Busting Liberals and Their Safe Spaces

I feel sorry for America's coddled college kids — the ones who have been bewitched by the leftist professors and popular culture into thinking a world without God, without conflict, and without free speech is the "safe place" world.  The kids are taught that if we can just get rid of these terrible things, then somehow, someday, everything will turn out for the best.  The kids are too young and too inexperienced to understand the implications of the drivel being fed to them, so they just drink deeply and absorb an unfounded and toxic worldview. I cannot explain why so many smart professors in their 40s and 50s and 60s are so intent on feeding such toxicity into the lives of our college kids.  Can they simply be unaware of how devastating their views are to our youths' desire to succeed and to their opportunity to create a fulfilling life where good choices are inspired by good character? Recently, a writer complained about...(Read Full Article)
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