Another Jewish New Year, Another Week of Shock-and-Awe Leftism

The leaves change.  For this American Jew, it signals that the Jewish New Year is around the corner.  It reminds me that the biblical values of Judaism, along with Christianity, gave rise to this most decent and greatest of societies in human history.  American Jews in particular, a people beleaguered in every other place and time, should all be deeply grateful for this wonderful America and its sublime values. But daily, those values are now being battered and pilloried by one of the most potent cultural wrecking machines devised by man: the ideology of leftism.  Here are three examples in just a week. They come from the radically Leftist mainstream media like the New York Times, ABC's Good Morning America, and the assault weapons of hard radical leftism presented to us by the collection of Democrats running for president. This week alone, they attack three foundational pillars of America: the innocence of our...(Read Full Article)
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