A Camp of Comrades

In earlier, more tender times, it was assumed that adults pretty much ran the world with precision based on knowledge and moral rectitude.  Sure, there was evil and there were bad people, but it was recognized and they were consigned to outlier status as aberrations.  Humphrey Bogart, Clint Eastwood, or Iron Man would pretty much clean things up in a couple of hours.  In simpler times the evil were exposed and paid for their sins.  But times and values have changed in the new postmodern America.  For many, truth and what’s right are no longer universal standards but instead what they’re made to be, and particularly if they’re made flexible, fluid, convenient and can be put to political use.  The two-year Great Russian Collusion Caper that we now know was the Great Democrat Coup Attempt, perpetrated by bad, very arrogant people of the Deep State, a morass of leaders and bureaucrats who elevated themselves over the electorate and...(Read Full Article)
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