Blowback and Mass Shootings

Former Texas congressman Ron Paul famously caused an uproar among the Republican faithful during a 2008 primary debate when he suggested that our interventionism in the Middle East was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Former Big Apple mayor Rudy Giuliani excoriated the old country doctor, accusing him of conspiring with Democrats by suggesting America “invited” Al Qaeda’s deadly retribution. Paul’s simplified -- and, dare I say, reductive -- understanding of the motives behind death-to-America jihadists had some basis: the C.I.A. has long cautioned against blowback as a consequence of foreign policy hubris. U.S. Air Force bases in Saudi Arabia don’t fully explain radical Islam’s holy war against the West. But they provide understanding.  I bring up blowback in the aftermath of the El Paso, Texas., and Dayton, Ohio, shootings. White supremacy has been named the ideological culprit behind the Texas Walmart massacre. The shooter admitted...(Read Full Article)
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