An Honest Discussion about Race in America

Obama's A.G., Eric Holder, challenged Americans to have an "honest" discussion about race.  Obama and Holder are progressives who believe that America is unarguably racist.  What Holder really wanted was a one-sided conversation to declare white Americans inherently racist.  Holder wanted to further instill a victim mindset in blacks and use reparations to seduce blacks to continue voting for Democrats. In response to Holder's challenge, I am launching an honest discussion about race. Due to their war of words on YouTube, I became aware of an ongoing feud between black comedian Mo'Nique and black entertainment power brokers Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Steve Harvey.  Along with other disagreements, Mo'Nique felt hurt that these fellow black celebs were not supportive enough during her feud with white executives at Netflix.  Mo'Nique felt that the amount of money Netflix offered her to do a comedy special...(Read Full Article)
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