Housewives: 'Dependent Creatures'! 'Parasites'!

In 2013, then–U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to liberal "feminist" Gloria Steinem.  This is the highest honor the U.S. bestows on civilians.  Freedom for what, you might ask?  I'm not sure, considering that Steinem is a champion for abortion.  Seems a tad oxymoronic to be for women's "rights" while ignoring the rights of all of the unborn women in the process. Steinem had this to say about me and the millions of other women like me: "[Housewives] are dependent creatures who are still children ... parasites."  Okay, well, I wasn't yet born when she said that, but I still find it quite offensive and degrading, especially in today's culture that's all about "empowering women."  And this is the woman who was awarded a medal — by the president of the United States! Carolyn Graglia is a lawyer who left her...(Read Full Article)
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