Cruz: Build Kate's Wall with El Chapo's Money

It is an idea whose time has come. It would be poetic justice, fulfill a Trump campaign pledge, and wouldn’t cost the taxpayers a dime. It doesn’t make Mexico pay for the wall exactly, just one particular Mexican who has done great injury to the people of the United States and who is responsible for a major part of drugs flooding into the U.S. Upon news that Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, more commonly known as El Chapo, was sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday and ordered to fork over billions, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz resurrected his idea of using any and all assets to be seized from El Chapo’s massive stash be used to build Trump’s border wall. As the Daily Mail reported: Cruz, a senator from Texas, told TMZ in a short interview on Capitol Hill that the $12.6 billion seized from El Chapo after he was convicted for drug trafficking should be used build President Donald Trump's border wall. 'I think it's great that...(Read Full Article)
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