Conservatives Are Waking Up at Last

I know I shouldn’t say this, but my mind turns to it after all the D-Day celebration last week. What if the Mueller probe was the deep state’s last desperate effort to stop the populist steamroller from looting and plundering its bureaucratic fiefs and dissolving its plush academic monasteries? What if the offensive has now failed, and all the best lefty troops were ground up in the Mueller Battle of the Bulge? I know, I know. Don’t get cocky, kid. And what if the social media deplatforming of obscure “far right” actors -- people who would be heroic “activists” if they were lefties -- is in fact directing attention to them? And what if the vile actions of lefty activists on e.g., Gibson’s Bakery in Oberlin, Ohio, are sending secret coded messages to ordinary deplorable Americans? That there is noplace to hide from vile lefty activism unless we act now -- and reelect President Trump. But I get it. I get that the moral...(Read Full Article)
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