Conservatism Deplatforming: Crisis or Opportunity?

Obviously, the word has gone out  to the school of lefty fishes that all conservative speech is hate speech and that the moral revolution of the last ten years is irreversible. And so YouTube and Pinterest and the rest are chucking ordinary conservatives off their platforms. My own suddenly lost 50 percent of its organic search traffic on April 2, due presumably to a twerk in Google’s search algorithm to favor ruling-class think tanks over dangerous nobodies. But is this the end of the world or the end of the beginning? The simple answer is: we don’t know. But we can certainly speculate. After all, why should the left allow conservatives and nationalists to ride free on media that their tame Big Tech monopolists intended as a transmission belt for progressive ideas and not for the hate of free-riding deplorables and clingers? If we are to Make America Great Again then we have to build a cultural movement that will win the support of...(Read Full Article)
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