Buridan's Jackass: Why Democrats Can't Make Up Their Minds on Impeachment

Who would have guessed that the theoretical Buridan's jackass, popularized by the 14th-century French philosopher, would correctly predict the behavior of the different kind of jackasses — namely, the Democratic Party of the United States?  The proverbial equally hungry and thirsty donkey was positioned precisely midway between a pile of hay and a pail of water.  Our poor hypothetical jackass died because it could not make a rational decision about its priorities. Does this sound familiar? Democrats are eager to impeach president Trump, yet at the same time, they are eager to avoid such impeachment.  They cannot make a rational decision on how to proceed, because they have painted themselves into a corner on the issue.  They bombarded the country with various hoaxes for years, telling Americans that Trump is Russia's asset.  If they start the impeachment proceedings against Trump, independents will abandon Democrats...(Read Full Article)
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