University Shootings Will Only Get Worse. Here Is a Solution

Last week witnessed the final day of classes at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte (UNCC).  It was also the last day of Riley Howell's life.  When a gunman entered his classroom, panic quickly ensued, and virtually everyone ran for the exits — everyone except Riley Howell.  With instincts that precious few possess, and tactics taught by the United States Secret Service, this young man ran toward the danger and tackled the shooter, knocking him off his feet, which enabled first-responders to subdue the gunman.  Howell would pay for this brave and selfless act with his life, an action that apparently surprised no one who knew him.  His friends and family would have expected nothing less from this twenty-one-year-old ROTC cadet, who envisioned a career in the military or in firefighting because putting others first was who he was.  His family stated, as a matter of fact, that had Riley turned and run when the...(Read Full Article)
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