Roots of the Left's Acceptance of Pedophilia

Shockingly, there are people in the liberal media attempting to normalize pedophilia.  These media sources range from outlets like to peer-reviewed journals to popular cable news media shows. One would think that a stance against pedophilia would be something we can all agree on, yet here we are.  To those with only a cursory understanding of liberalism and liberal ideology, this is shocking.  However, to those with an intimate understanding of liberal ideology, this is the next logical threshold when articulating the moral foundations of liberalism. To understand the path of this logical progression, we must explore the work and thought of Jean Rousseau, the godfather and patron saint of liberalism.  Rousseau believed that "man is a being who is naturally good ... and the first movements of nature are always good."  Human beings are born naturally benevolent, and our natural goodness means man's impulses...(Read Full Article)
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