Virginia Governor Northam's Samba

Absent a coherent saleable agenda, the Democratic Party has tried to cobble together every group angling for special legal and financial privileges. Now that cobbled-together collection is crumbling. Worse, as the governor of Virginia showed us this week, honesty about what really takes place in the late-term abortions that the radical feminists want repulses many voters who had not been paying attention and were swayed by imprecise linguistic explanations. And as the attention was drawn on him, the racial fault lines in his state came into full focus, despite the media’s best efforts to hide them. Abortion: A Person’s not a Person if He's Quite Small Beginning with New York, the Democratic agenda of giving the most radical of feminists anything they want for political advantage became clear. More women than men vote and it’s increasingly clear the craziest of them are the most influential. The New York law, for anyone who paid attention, is...(Read Full Article)
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