No MAGA Hats in the Opinion Workers Union Hall

This week there was a rare celestial convergence: A Super Moon, a Blood Wolf Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse. On earth there were also some noteworthy events: 1000 reporters lost their jobs, Mueller jumped the shark in arresting Roger Stone in the middle of the night, and the President moved on to another stage of the long Build the Wall battle. The Opinion Workers Union Hall Riffing on the loss of jobs by 1000 reporters, most especially those who’d been tapping away at Huffington Post and Buzz Feed spewing hateful, ill-informed nonsense, Iowahawk, had fun in a three-part tweet: I was havin' beers with the fellas down at the Opinion Workers Union hall, and they're all itchin' for a strike. Let's see how long these management bastards last when the hot take warehouse goes empty. But Al the union steward said it was only "temporary" and that we shouldn't rile up nothin' less'n they start bussin' in a bunch of damn Twitter scabs....(Read Full Article)
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