How 'Cool Guy' Ruins the Drama of Life

"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players." There's much truth in Jaques's mediation on life's seriated stages.  We embody different characters as we age: the helpless babe, the self-centered child, the maturing teenager, the responsible adult, the dependent senior.  But during life's journey, as the body swells and atrophies, we adopt different roles as well.  We assume these appellations for different occasions, acting them out, expressing their qualities before shifting, sometimes unconsciously, to another. I thought about this layered humanity while reading a Tablet article on the "Birth of the Cool Guy."  By "Cool Guy," author Kat Rosenfeld is referring to the skinny, late-20s, thinly bearded, white progressive male who wears Warby Parker glasses and name-drops Sylvia Plath. Rosenfeld is more particular about Cool Guy's habits: "When he's...(Read Full Article)
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