Jordan Peterson Meets Cathy Newman Clone

If Jordan Peterson can turn the tables on Cathy Newman, why not the deputy editor of the New Statesman? One North London media luvvie is much like another. So I watched Jordan Peterson taking on NPC lefty Helen Lewis, and he actually got to say how frustrating it is to be interviewed by someone with absolute conventional-wisdom opinions. Imagine being on the receiving end of that! He is right: lefties are hopelessly unable to see any reality outside their lefty bubble. A lot of people are thinking about the peculiar ideological blindness of the left in our society. As John Derbyshire in his October Diary writes: We Badwhites understand perfectly well, in fine detail, what the Goodwhites believe… Goodwhites, however, have no clue what Badwhites believe. Any thinking outside the Narrative is utterly opaque to them. They never engage with it. They have a sort of comic-book caricature of it in their minds -- racists, Nazis, guys with hoods, wife-beaters: supremacy!...(Read Full Article)
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