The Democrats Embrace Anti-Semitism

Liberals, Democrats, and the legacy media are forever prattling about how the “toxic rhetoric” of President Trump before and after his election has inspired a culture of violence expressed most recently (in their view) in the flurry of packages sent to leading Democrats containing amateur-night explosive devices some of which could only explode if you used a real explosive to set them off. Words do have consequences and can inspire the unhinged, but nowhere in Trump’s rhetoric are urgings to build and deliver explosive devices to your political opponents, not even those who urge their followers to “get in the face” of Republicans in their congressional offices or favorite eateries. Despite their constant references to David Duke in an attempt to paint Trump as racist, Trump did not seek any political endorsement from the likes of Duke and repudiated it when it came. His record of black empowerment in terms of rising employment, home ownership, and...(Read Full Article)
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