Leftism: The Art of the Mob

The last week has seen the usual suspects getting miffed when people called out the anti-Kavanaugh "peaceful protesters" as mobs. Oh, come now, lefty friends.  You chaps are as bad as the First Apostle, whom the Son of God famously predicted would deny him three times. Own up to your genius, which has been to turn the crude bronze implement of "the Mob" into a finely tempered sword of Japanese steel, the disciplined NPCs of the "peaceful protest."  Talk about Darwinian evolution: what used to be a "riot" became a "march," then a "demonstration."  It has now, finally, reached its full potential as a "peaceful protest."  Oh, except when confronting the conservative son of Susan Rice on the campus of Stanford University.  That is different. Back when a mob was a mob, we had the example of Alexander Hamilton, who bravely kept the mob at bay...(Read Full Article)
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