Is Donald Trump Responsible for the Caravans?

Why are caravans of migrants from Central America slowly making their way north to the U.S. border?  Certainly not an exodus from the horrors of war, famine, or a devastating natural disaster.  Yes, poverty and corruption are ubiquitous there, but opening our southern border would not address a humanitarian crisis in these countries, though it would certainly improve the lives of those making it across the Rio Grande.  Nor are these marchers fleeing religious or ethnic cleansing, while a dangerous thousand-mile journey on foot is hardly the most efficacious escape from local crime.  Overwhelmingly, these migrants are just job-seekers, pure and simple, and surprise of surprises, President Trump is responsible for this caravan, thanks to his job-creating economic policies.  After all, nobody marches for weeks on end to enter a depressed economy.  Moreover, caravan members undoubtedly know about the booming U.S....(Read Full Article)
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