Meghan McCain Gives Anti-Military Dems a Free Pass

The anger of Meghan McCain at the tone deaf and disrespectful remark during the 2016 campaign made by candidate Donald Trump regarding her war hero and patriot father Sen. John McCain that Trump preferred dead heroes was justified. The politicization of the funeral was not, particularly when her remarks were spoken in front of those who have openly loathed the military and denigrated it and who did not and do not, unlike President Trump, share John McCain’s vision of the American military as the guardian of American and global freedom. John McCain’s military, gutted by the lip-biting Barack Hussein Obama, is being rebuilt by the president Meghan McCain castigated. Obama’s disdain for the military and those who served in it is documented and legendary and he engaged in it to the point of pettiness, as demonstrated when he interrupted a military wedding in Hawaii so he could play some golf: It certainly didn't help his image when two Army captains,...(Read Full Article)
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