Democrats Demonstrate Their Hatred of Women

Democrats love to claim they love groups they actually hate.  Take blacks, for example.  Democrats, and the fake news media, are always telling us how much they love blacks.  But we know that's not true because Democrats are doing nothing while thousands of blacks are shot each year in Democratic-run cities. If the Democratic mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, actually cared about blacks, he'd be doing something to reduce the thousands of shootings occurring each year.  Instead, he simply uses the ongoing slaughter of blacks in the city he runs to push for his personal desire to repudiate the Second Amendment.  We all know that if nearly 4,000 white people had been shot in Chicago last year, Rahm would be doing more to end the violence. We're seeing the same situation with women as a result of the Democrats' desperate need to ensure that the Supreme Court remain full of left-wing activists.  The entire...(Read Full Article)
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