Are Short Skirts and Thug-Wear Conducive to Learning?

I've never worn a school uniform.  My burgherly public high school didn't require pressed slacks, liveried sweaters, solid-colored ties, button-ups, or polished Oxfords.  The only proscribed apparel items were shorts for boys and overly short skirts for girls.  Spaghetti-strap tops, I believe, were forbidden as well. That was it.  We didn't need regimented ensembles to maintain a sense of order and authority like soldiers huddled in a billet.  A rule of modest discernment applied sparingly sufficed. But even that paucity of constraints is still too much for other schools, which are loosening dress codes at the behest of an oppressed student body.  Schools in California and Illinois are allowing short shorts and tank tops.  Bans on hoodies, previously seen as standard delinquent wear, are being lifted.  Boys in Alvin, Texas will soon be allowed to wear makeup. These developments can be...(Read Full Article)
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