Inside the Democrats' Café California

What do you do when your party has no viable policies acceptable to voters and no candidate to credibly lead them?  I wanted to find out, so I wandered over to the Café California, where Democrats never leave.  I'm old enough that with a bit of padding and an ugly large hat, I could look like a Bella Abzug wannabe, and I sat in the middle of the room, turning my hearing aids up to full blast.  I couldn't stare at the speakers and don't know most of them, so I can't give you their names, but this is what I recall of the conversations around me. "Now we've got him.  Manafort was convicted on eight counts." "For things that happened in 2007, involved Ukrainians, not Russians, and had nothing to do with Trump." "Well, there's the Cohen conviction." "It says right here in the New York Times – Cohen made the extraordinary admission that he paid a...(Read Full Article)