Trump is Winning Over Blacks, Hispanics, Millennials, and Even Gays

Democrat hate speech targeting deplorables has always worked -- on their own voters.  Libeling Republicans as racist, homophobic morons has kept Democrat voters in line.  President Trump laughs at their insults, and just gets stronger.  Suddenly, one more Trump success.  The Democrat line is breaking.  Our minorities are breaking free.  President Trump’s off the charts achievements on jobs and security are improving the lives of every single Democrat identity voting bloc.  A small, but increasingly significant number are noticing.  With his MAGA gains on the economy and foreign affairs, President Trump is slowly chipping away at the Democrat Party’s foundations.  The white working class already belongs to Trump.  Fed up blacks, Hispanics, millennials and gays are starting to follow.  Ordinary people, including our minorities, are focused on the reality of their lives.  Most Americans actually care about...(Read Full Article)