The Zombie Media

Isn't it amazing that the left-wing media continue to compare Donald Trump to Hitler, fling accusations of racism at half the country, and beat the dead horse of the Russian collusion conspiracy well beyond the hope of any serious public traction?  It is amazing only if you assume that the liberal media possesses, lost in some forgotten corner of its deranged psyche, some shred of respect for the American public.  If you give up the hopeful notion that they respect us, leftists' behavior becomes far more understandable. For the sake of our own mental clarity, we have to delete the phrase "liberal bias" from our vocabulary.  A "bias" is a tendency, sometimes even an unconscious tendency, to favor one thing over another.  A "biased journalist" is a person who has some deeply held beliefs that tend to color his assessment of the world.  Such people may lean in one direction, but they still imagine...(Read Full Article)