The Opportunities of Socialism

"That's not a problem – it's an opportunity." That's a line attributed to Curtis E. LeMay, a man who ran into a lot of opportunities and solved them all.  It's one of the class of quotes that serves to put things into proper perspective and one that should be more well known than it is. It should also be kept in mind as we gird our loins for our next encounter with the left.  Suddenly, thirty years after the collapse of communism, with the USSR and its empire long buried in the dustbin of history, we're inundated with "true socialists" – the adorable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the somewhat less fetching Andrés López-Obrador in Mexico.  (There are others as well.  In Pennsylvania, no less than four members of the Social Democrats of America won primaries this spring as Democrats.  In all four cases, the GOP has not bothered to run an opposing candidate.) This...(Read Full Article)