The Old versus the New Left

Politics often evolves in strange, unpredictable ways.  For example, what white Southern Democrat in 1960 would have foreseen that within forty years, the South would be solidly Republican?  And that black voters would help elect a black Democrat as president? An even more extreme transformation has been the American left.  In a nutshell, if a leftist from the 1930s were transported to the present via a time machine, he would not only fail to recognize today's left, but would denounce it as a fraud, the antithesis of its historic mission and a traitor to the working class.  If this time-traveler were to return to the 1930s and recount what he had observed, nobody would believe him.  Surely, he would be told, the left could not have evolved into such a perversion of its historic mission, and this ludicrous time machine tale is just a cover-up for a week of binge-drinking. To understand the left's bizarre transformation,...(Read Full Article)