The Marriage Precedent

There’s “precedent” and then there’s precedent. It seems for Maine’s Senator Susan Collins – who is the very definition of a RINO -- precedent is everything, except when it isn’t. According to Townhall: Maine's moderate Republican Senator Susan Collins told CNN's Jake Tapper today that she would not be supporting a Supreme Court nominee who has “demonstrated hostility to Roe v. Wade” because, in her mind, that would be a justice who does not respect established precedent. Collins added, I want a judge who will apply the law to the facts of the case with fidelity to the Constitution. Roe v. Wade is a constitutional right that is well established, and no less an authority than Chief Justice Roberts said that repeatedly at his confirmation hearing. Because, you know, when you are killing the most helpless and innocent among us, you’re supposed to think “fidelity to the...(Read Full Article)