Sorrows of a Young Gen Zer

Okay.  So the fabled Carter Page FISA warrant was all about the Deep State wanting to keep tabs on the Trumpsters.  And a pretty lame effort it was, too. Now let us talk about something important.  It's an article sent to me by a friend about the descent into Hell of a shy young Gen Z girl from Canada.  When she got to high school, she became terrorized by the "sluts" and was ignored by the boys.  So began a descent into depression and intervention by counselors and social workers that ended when they forced her to go to the high school prom.  She plucked up her courage and asked – a girl.  Go read the whole thing: it is heartbreaking. The piece confirmed me in three notions.  You may not agree. First of all, we should Abolish High School.  It has been obvious for decades that public high schools encourage the worst atavisms of the...(Read Full Article)