Preaching and Punching

Other people's opinions are distasteful at best and worth a hanging at worst.  That's why they belong to other people.  Who wants to eat ketchup on eggs, or vote for Bernie Sanders, or make love to a bald-headed 400-lb. gender studies major?  Not me, not today, not any day – and I've placed them in this order to show that yes, these things do actually happen; yes, they exist on a scale; and yes, I want absolutely nothing to do with them.  To do them yourself means you might get a smirk.  You force them on me, and you've started a war. It's a war we're on the verge of, all day, every day.  We insist that we all like being able to speak our minds, but the downside of this is that we hear other people's minds, and we hate them for it.  We loathe the little half-baked ideas they share, day after day, about how the world could be better if we'd only just open the border, or give...(Read Full Article)