NeverTrump Conservatism Has Passed Its Sell-By Date

NeverTrump conservatism has passed its sell-by date.  It is a negative asset of the Republican Party.  It needs to pack up and move – but not until the movement has been so decisively rebuked that those who are a part of it learn their lesson. NeverTrumpism reveals an elitist stink that should be eliminated from the GOP in a much needed fumigation.  The NeverTrumps wear an embarrassing tattoo that will forever taint them as the left's collaborators and useful idiots.  NeverTrumpism harms the causes of the Republican Party and rots the party from within. If these words sound unserious, overly harsh, over the top, and even a bit hysterical, it's because they are.  The NeverTrumps, however, were serious when they used these exact words (and even nastier) numerous times in open disdain for the millions who voted for and support President Trump. These commentators and consultants, whether or not they...(Read Full Article)