Mexican Cartels Fill the Void in a Post-FARC Colombia

There is increasing evidence that Mexican organized crime, in particular its drug cartels, has moved into the void left behind in the post-FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) underworld in Colombia.  This development has critical implications for American foreign policy and that of its allies, as well as the global war on drugs. When the ceasefire between the Colombian government and the FARC rebels went into effect in July 2015, it ended over fifty years of FARC's violent hold on the country.  With control of over 60% of the Colombian drug trade, their demobilization left a vacuum initially filled by the Gulf Clan, whose roots lie in Pablo Escobar's empire.  But as the Colombian government has shifted its attention to cracking down on this group, numerous regional paramilitary and guerrilla groups, including dissident factions of ex-FARC, have enhanced their presence.  These groups are engaged in ongoing conflicts between...(Read Full Article)