If Johnny Can't Read, Who's to Blame?

When a federal court dismissed on June 29 the class-action lawsuit claiming the State of Michigan had deprived Detroit public schoolchildren of “their right to literacy,” the left was all set to react in faux shock.  The court’s key finding hardly came as news to most of us, but the headlines in the New York Times sounded as if someone had denied climate change: “Access to Literacy’ Is Not a Constitutional Right, Judge in Detroit Rules.” These days, when everything progressives want government to provide free is defined as a “right,” i.e., healthcare, housing, a guaranteed income, American citizenship for illegal aliens, etc., etc., it stands to reason that literacy may as well be thrown in there, too.  It’s only obvious, provided you’ve never read the Bill of Rights.  Hence this lawsuit, brought by public-interest lawyers (who know better) on behalf of several students of low-performing Detroit schools,...(Read Full Article)