Gratitude Is the Key to Resisting America-Haters

A friend of mine recently directed a question to me: "If liberals do not recognize biological gender, why do they protest for women's rights?"  From decades of association with the left, I know that members of America's Cult of Anarchy and Victimization (the ACAV) would answer that if you protect one victim of our sexist-homophobic-racist society, you are protecting all victims.  Within this worldview that despises all we have been in the past lives the view that the principles of liberty, happiness, and life are based on myths that have been propagated by a powerful elite and that these myths are not only fallible, but based on lies and delusions.  One such myth is that the Founding Fathers of the USA were responsible and brilliant individuals driven by knowledge of history and deep ethical commitments to create a "city on the hill" (this phrase coming from the New Testament Gospel of Matthew that motivated the original New...(Read Full Article)