France Honors Simone Veil, a Woman for All Seasons

At a moment when some American women, public officials and private citizens, have displayed astonishing disrespect and incivility towards those they abhor for political reasons,  it is refreshing to witness and welcome the nationwide tribute in France to Simone Veil, a great woman widely respected across the political spectrum, a woman who had a smile on her face for the whole human race.  She died aged 89 on June 30, 2017, and was honored on July 1, 2018 by being buried in the Pantheon Mausoleum in Paris.  The recent incivility in the United States has brought public utterances to a new low. The "comedian" Kathy Griffin was outrageous and offensive, not funny, when she displayed a gory photo of an effigy of a beheaded Donald Trump in May 2017. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was confronted with chants of "shame, shame, shame," outside her Virginia home. Heidi Hess, the leader of the protesting group, Credo Action, said that...(Read Full Article)