Bari and Jordan, Oh My!

Did you know that Bari Weiss, of the New York Times, interviewed Jordan B. Peterson, of lobster hierarchy, at the recent Aspen Ideas Festival? Nor did I until it popped up after I had watched a YouTube video of the very white Oxbridge chappies of Monty Python at Powerline that are now identifying as black lesbians. Now, you might ask, what is a nice Jewish girl from Squirrel Hill doing around a rough-talking Canadian from Fairview, Alberta, in the subarctic boondocks? Yes, it was a bit challenging for Bari, particularly when she said that (46:03), although she liked a lot of the themes in 12 Rules, Peterson lost her with the notion of women being identified with Chaos in the Jungian archetypes. Okay, so I had a bit of a problem with that when reading Maps of Meaning, because I too have been carefully taught to think of women as fragile victims of the patriarchy. It’s hard to accept that men occupy the axis of Order-Tyranny, and women the axis of Creation-Destruction....(Read Full Article)