Another Hail Mary Attempt from the Left to Deny Trump His SCOTUS Pick

June was a tough month for the left. It began with a successful North Korean summit, followed by news that the economy is hotter than even the current heat wave embracing much of the country. The Supreme Court handed President Trump a win on the travel ban on nationals from terrorist-heavy countries, along with a handful of other decisions which are displeasing, to say the least, to Democrats. The month culminated with Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s imminent retirement, providing the president with his second SCOTUS nomination in as many years. Liberal heads are exploding on cable news shows and on the sets of unfunny late night comedy shows. Last week Trump was a Nazi, this week he is overturning Roe v. Wade and Brown v. Board of Education, sending America back into the dark ages. The left is now trying to disqualify any of Trump’s potential court nominees. Senator Elizabeth Warren is front and center in the resistance saying the president’s...(Read Full Article)