America Needs a New Independence Day

The Fourth of July weekend is a time when Americans celebrate the anniversary of the United States' independence. But, in the 242 years since achieving our liberty from the British Empire, our government has slowly become what it beheld.  You see, while many erroneously claim that our move for independence from the British Empire was "revolutionary," it was, in fact, far from revolutionary (in the sense of other famous revolutions, such as those that befell France and Russia – or even the "Cultural Revolution" that swept across campuses and major cities in the United States in 1968). At its core, America's war for independence was predicated upon the understandable desire for Americans to have equal and fair representation in Parliament.  Initially, the colonists were generally opposed to separating from the Mother Country.  But, as Andrew O'Shaughnessy documents in The Men Who Lost America: British Leadership, the...(Read Full Article)