A Hopeful Trend among Millennials

There's much to worry about in the U.S.'s current state.  Allow me to channel my inner David Brooks and take heart from a more hopeful trend. Writing at Vox, agricultural economist Lyman Stone flips the script on a widespread trope about America's young adults.  The American Millennial – that most curious of species, with a smartphone glued to one hand and a slice of avocado toast in the other – is not the wayward flake we all think.  Our perception is skewed.  The average Millennial isn't actually living in an urban co-op with ten roommates, juggling six different freelance jobs, devoid of possessions other than the 21st-century staples of an iPhone, a laptop, a pallet bed, and a laundry bag of expensive clothes. Millennials, it turns out, are far more rooted than the stereotype implies.  They aren't switching jobs on a whim; they aren't peripatetic in their living habits.  "By...(Read Full Article)