Wrapping It Up

How long will the "Russian collusion" circus continue imploding before it reaches critical mass and leaves nothing but wreckage across the liberal D.C. landscape? At this point, no other outcome is conceivable.  Any hope that the investigation would land a glove on Donald Trump has been long abandoned by any rational onlooker.  This conclusion became inescapable when Robert Mueller humiliated himself in a court of law by attempting to indict individuals and companies that didn't exist (when life begins to look like metaphors, it's time to quit).  We can throw in the pitiful May 18 Washington Post op-ed by former agent Asha Rangappa claiming that the spies were emplaced in the Trump campaign to "protect" him.  (As an editor, I would have gone with a different title – something like "Please Don't Hit Us.")  The attempt to valorize Comey as a national hero through his book...(Read Full Article)