Waiting for the Next Religion

What is to be done about the political injustice of Barack’s Spygate? Or the cultural injustice of bumping Roseanne off ABC for a drug-addled racist tweet while celebrities “in the family” get to skate? For some folks like David Solway these “desperate times” mean getting mobilized for “revolution.” For alt-rightist Vox Day it means doubling down on nationalism and a muscular Christianity. For Jonah Goldberg it means a “three point program” of a new “moral consensus,” less nationalism, and getting power out of Washington. But six months ago I read John C. Wright asserting that the Breitbart quote “politics is downstream from culture” is incomplete. That’s because culture is downstream from religion. So repeat after me: Politics is downstream from culture is downstream from religion. Yeah, religion. You could look it up. Roy Rappaport: “No society known to anthropology or...(Read Full Article)