Trampling Out the Vintage Where the Sour Grapes Are Stored

By any reasonable account, the historic meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un, resulting in an agreement pledging to work toward a stable and enduring peace (over six decades after the Korean armistice was signed at Panmunjom) was an incredible achievement. In fact, had Obama or Clinton achieved as much, we would expect a ticker-tape parade down Fifth Avenue. North Korea has agreed to completely denuclearize and has begun the process, according to reports of satellite imagery, and has agreed to return the remains of U.S. military who perished in North Korea. China, long rightfully considered the muscle behind North Korea, seems to endorse the move, indicating that the summit creates “new history: and urging full denuclearization.”  Of course, given the past agreements with North Korea where we delivered on our promises and they did not, there’s always room for Reagan’s “trust but verify” admonition, and yet there is...(Read Full Article)