The Revolution Will Not Be Finalized

Disney analysts are tabulating all angles on why Solo failed to hit light speed at the box office.  Was it because of "franchise fatigue" less than six months after the previous Star Wars film?  The movie's troubled production?  Did Alden Ehrenreich lack convincing resemblance to a young Harrison Ford? The answer the suits in the Mouse House may refuse to acknowledge was provided by a store associate as I looked for a dog toy: "I didn't know what an ess-jay-dubya was until I heard about Lando being pansexual.  I don't want ess-jay-dubyas messing up Star Wars." Neither did other longtime fans.  "Pansexual," stated by one of Solo's writers a week before the film's release, is not a term associated with two hours of escapism to that galaxy far, far away.  Or any sexual term, for that matter.  Little doubt that because of it, many faithful fans veered away from...(Read Full Article)