The Pentagon's Cloud Deal

It has always made sense to have American military bases and weapon systems spread across the country and around the world.  If you put all your troops on one post, or all your nukes in one silo, an enemy can cripple you with a single surgical strike.  Historical events like Pearl Harbor taught us valuable lessons like this.  By having lots of people in lots of places with lots of things, you'll retain the ability to fight back against any attack. So why deposit all the Defense Department's information with a single cloud provider?  Well, military bigwigs want to do just that. Let's take a step back.  For many of us, cloud computing has become second nature.  We save work documents to Microsoft's cloud.  We handle email via Google's cloud.  We upload thousands of photos and songs to Apple's cloud.  Even our computers at work are more likely to save to a cloud than to...(Read Full Article)