Secrets Travel Fast in DC

To paraphrase Napoleon's "secrets travel fast in Paris," secrets travel fast in D.C., as we learned this week with the indictment of James A. Wolfe, a 30-year veteran staffer of the Senate Intelligence Committee indicted for lying to the FBI about leaking to, among others, his former paramour, Ali Watkins, an NYT reporter.  On December 15th, according to the indictment, the FBI investigators were aware of four specific journalists, "reporters", who participated in the leak material.  The FBI likely had more to choose from, but selected those four reporters – with specific intents and purposes – during the interview with Mr. Wolfe.  The four reporters are not named, but their activity is outlined enough to make it possible to determine who is who. From the indictment [Note Male-1 is Carter Page]: Reporter #1 is likely Manu Raju of CNN. Reporter #2 is definitely Ali Watkins of New York...(Read Full Article)