On the Road to Singapore

Meetings of ambitious leaders go back a long way.  Perhaps the most extravagant was the Field of the Cloth of Gold, near Calais, in June 1520, where Henry VIII met French King François I in a luxurious setting attended by hundreds of officials, servants, and horses, to celebrate the Anglo-French Treaty, 1514, amid hopes for increased friendship between the two countries, an outcome that did not happen. Countless other international meetings of heads of state and government have followed.  Important ones were the meeting of the Allied leaders, mostly President F.D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill, during World War II, from the Atlantic Conference in August 1941 to Yalta in February 1945, and the postwar conference at Potsdam in July 1945.  But the first meeting of leaders that was specifically termed a "summit" was that in Geneva, July 18-23, 1955, among President Dwight Eisenhower, Soviet leaders, and British...(Read Full Article)