Leftist Hypocrisy Just Keeps on Comin'

Peter Fonda called for pedophiles to rape Trump's 12-year-old son.  Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters called for mob violence against conservatives and Republicans wherever they are seen in public.  Kathy Griffin symbolically performed a bloody beheading of Trump.  Snoop Dogg symbolically shot Trump in the head.  Madonna expressed her desire to blow up the White House.  Black Lives Matter told blacks to ambush and kill whites and police.  The thread that ties these wacko big voices together is that they are members of the American left, enthusiastically encouraged by their homeys in fake news media.  Yes, the American left is boldly calling for violence against all who disagree with its agenda. Deranged Democrat Laurence Key vowed to kill Republican Brian Mast's kids over our immigration policy.  Numerous police (fathers and...(Read Full Article)