How Trump Can Save Our Inner Cities

Street after street, neighborhood after neighborhood, we toured St. Louis over a quarter of a century ago, stunned by how many vacant lots and abandoned homes there are.  It confirmed what we had researched: by the early 1990s, over 17,000 of these lots in St. Louis alone, and the numbers were growing.  It was like cancer throughout the city, lowering surrounding property values and drawing crime like a magnet.  Very few new homes were being built, not because there was a lack of demand, but trying to site-build homes on these lots was simply not practical.  What you built during the day was stolen during the night.  The facts were that the economics couldn't withstand full-time security.  Total new homes built in St. Louis that year: a dismal 27. We believed we had the solution.  It was a pretty radical solution that would overcome the many problems of site-building; provide not only affordable houses,...(Read Full Article)